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Product Description

In the offer order process or when reading through the contract, you may ask the questions using the general contact information. After signing the contract, you will be assigned a project manager who will provide any further information for smooth performance of the contract.

EasyLiner is user-friendly and particularly adapted for the needs of small and medium companies. In a few minutes,  you will receive an offer, a calculated price and a customised contract.

The product price is calculated based on your turnover, information about your company (sector, number of customers, ...) and the selected options of the contract. Seeing that the offer is generated online, you can find out the price here and now, by selecting the contract options according to your needs.

Experience working with companies facing difficulties shows that even the best-know and reliable customers may encounter unexpected financial problems. Seeking to reduce the risk to the minimum, it is advisable to insure the entire customer portfolio. However, turnover with state-owned companies, individuals and associations is not included in the contract or calculation of the insurance premium.

A query concerning credit insurance should be provided before shipping the products or providing the services. Seeking to avoid that risk that credit insurance might be refused, it is advisable to send the query about the credit limit before signing the contract or even earlier, before committing to trade with a new customer.

The amount generated online is all inclusive of the insurance premium, the service fees and taxes.

A negative decision concerning insurance means that we do not recommend selling to the customer on delayed payment terms. However, you can always choose to sell and in case of bad debts apply to us for debt recovery services.

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, seeing that the decision depends on specific buyers and activity sector. Seeking to avoid the situation where you are provided unhelpful services, we offer a special provision: if insurance does not cover at least 65% of your sales, you have the right to terminate a valid contract at any time.

After becoming aware of the worsening situation that might result in insolvency of your customer, report this without any delay using our online system. You should do this within 30 days from the overdue payment date.

All domestic and international customers are insured, except where a negative decision has been made concerning the customer's credit limit, you are directly associated with your customer or the customer is a state-owned company.

If the insurance benefit paid was less than the sum recovered, the difference is refunded to the customer.

Covered part in per cent is agreed before signing the contract, the same way as when purchasing any insurance service.

In case of dispute, insurance coverage will not be cancelled, however it will be frozen up to the agreed amount of the invoice. If you would like to preserve your financial position during this period, you should include a special provision in your contract.


Beneficiary is designated in the contract free of charge and this can be done after the signing of the contract, using the particulars of a specific bank.

Without your permission, your customers will not be informed of any valid insurance. When corresponding concerning the update of financial information, they are not informed at whose instruction this is being done. Only you can decide if the disclosure of information might expedite the settlement of the debt and improve the overall credit management process.

In our website, you can find free informayion about the risks and business environment of numerous countries. Moreover, other online tools provide access to detailed and specific information in line with your needs.